Cricket Park Trustees

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The Club and Grounds 

McKane Park, home of Dunfermline & Carnegie Cricket Club, is owned by the Dunfermline Cricket Park Trustees. The Trustees are responsible for maintaining the policies for the playing of cricket, while also delegating responsibilities to the Club’s Committee on an annual basis.

The Trustees are led by Chairman James Stark and Secretary Claire Miller, and also includes Trustees Nancy Gibson, Eric Spreng, Andrew Miller, Johnny Robertson, Mary Bruce, Mike O’Donnell and Andy Callan.

The land owned by the Trustees includes the access driveway, the “old cricket pavilion” currently used by Dunfermline Rugby Football Club and the “new cricket pavilion.” The Club’s facilities also include a bar and the land it sits on. Additionally, Dunfermline Rugby Club leases the first eleven rugby pitch which is on the cricket field over the winter. This partnership allows for optimal use of the facilities and a strong community presence at McKane Park.